In 2008, Ontario recognized that many RV’ers, horse trailer haulers and others had trailers over the limit of 4,600 kg and were required to get a Class A license in order to stay legal.  Almost all the Ontario License Offices refused to give the road test using these smaller type combinations and insisted on a more Tractor Trailer type combination which needless to say was overkill, impractical and downright impossible for many people to do.  So Ontario came up with a Restricted license.  This allowed motorists to pull into a Ontario Testing Facility and do the road test using their existing equipment and then drive/pull configuration of a similar size.  This was a bonus for the RV’er or people towing applicable trailers (such as horse or utility trailers).  With this license you can pull a vehicle over the weight of 4,600 kg but you may NOT:

  • Drive full size tractor-trailers
  • Drive a motor vehicle pulling double trailers
  • Drive a motor vehicle pulling a trailer with air-brakes. (You must have an air brake endorsement first).
  • Drivers with the “R” restrictive condition will not be allowed to give driver instruction to another person on a vehicle requiring full Class A privileges.

Taylor Truck Training Services is committed to providing students with the necessary skills and confidence with focus on safety through knowledge that you can run with.

Prerequisite(s): Participants must have a valid Ontario G licence to attend and be 18 years of age or older.

You are required to:

  • Have an MTO medical, filled out by your doctor. (you can print one off our website)
  • Complete the A class beginner knowledge test, at a drive test center
    • Completed medical is to be submitted at time of test

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