CVOR is the registration system that tracks the safety performance of truck and bus operations in Ontario.

A commercial vehicle operator is a person or company that is responsible for the operation of a truck or bus, including the conduct of the driver, mechanical condition of the vehicle and the safe transportation of goods or passengers.

A CVOR certificate is required to operate trucks having a registered plated weight (or actual weight) over 4,500 kilograms (9,920 lbs) and buses designed to carry 10 or more passengers. This rule applies to vehicles that are plated in Ontario, the United States or Mexico and that travel in Ontario.

To register for a CVOR certificate a carrier must complete a “Commercial Vehicle Operator’s Registration” certificate application.

If you operate the following motor vehicles:

  • Trucks that have a gross weight or registered gross weight over 4,500 kg (9,920 lb)
  • Buses that have a seating capacity of ten or more passengers.
  • Commercial vehicles plated in either the United States or Mexico
  • *NEW* All tow truck operators

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